The all new "Support The Saints Phone Book" will be launched at General Assembly 2016.

The orignal phonebook was an online directory as well as paper phonebook made FREE to all who desired a copy. You are welcome to download a copy of the old phonebook , but please note that this was last published in 2004, so the links and phone numbers are quite outdated!

How much is it? The STS Phone Book will be FREE for all who want a copy. It will be available in paper copy at the General Assembly, and downloadable from this website.

Cost to advertise: All advertisements are FREE until the close of Bishop's Anniversary 2016. Charges to advertise will be set to cover printing and layout costs and may increase each year as popularity grows. However, existing businesses will never see an increase, which means if you get in FREE, you STAY in free.

Get in the STS Phone Book! Complete and fax this order form to 1-888-782-4209, or email your listing to Min. Janine Conway .

Legalia: STS is a non-profit project of and is not an official product of the Church of the Living God International Inc. However, it is produced solely for the benefit of the saints of the CLGI. reserves the right to reject any submission, for any reason.